Xllnt Carpet Care

 SPECIALIZES in Dry Carpet Care. Providing service through out Southern California. If you are familiar with Dry Carpet Cleaning or have a current vendor providing you with this service, then you know that this is the Best and the only Effective way to maintain your carpets looking great but most of all, help preserve the life of your carpet!

We have the right Maintenance Program for your business that will help maintain your carpets clean and presentable at all times, regardless of how big or how small your place of business is. Remember just because your carpets “look” clean doesn’t mean they are. Dirt,dust and allergens are not visible to the naked eye. This can cause you to prolong your cleanings therefore causing your carpets to age much quicker. And this means replacing your carpets much sooner than needed. The key is to maintain your carpets the best and the correct way by doing so you are not only keeping your carpets looking great but you are also protecting your investment(the life of your carpet).

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